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Saturday, Jan 25, 2020

Elevation: Season Opening Party

When it comes to creating a video, there is a lot of preparation before hitting the record button. An important consideration is where you will record your video. Making sure you have the proper setting and gear for recording will drastically improve the overall quality of your video. The good news is that it’s pretty simple to create your own office or home recording studio.

Find your recording space

It may seem obvious, but picking a suitable location is critical for setting up a recording studio. Before you start recording, you’ll want to make sure it’s somewhere you feel comfortable, is convenient, and is easily accessible.

Give yourself more space than you think you need, as this can allow for room to acquire new equipment. If your recording studio is in your home or at work, try to use interior rooms because there is less risk of outside noise entering the room.

Now that you’ve found your recording space, test out the acoustics. Sound bounces off walls, so you may not be happy with how the final sound is in your recorded video. However, you can easily adjust your acoustics by diffusing the sound be done by simply filling the room with furniture such as a sofa, or pillows.

The benefits are clear: you mix faster, use fewer plugins, free up computer power, get a more natural sound and have more confidence along the way. Today I’m showing you how to use the concept of Top Down Mixing with the stock plugins that come with PreSonus Studio One.

Test your results

Do some test recordings with different sound diffusion techniques and see what works best for your space.


Do some test recordings with different sound diffusion techniques and see what works best for your space.

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Niki Armstrong

Going to a professional studio for the first time can be an exciting and intimidating experience. If you aren’t prepared, it can also be much more expensive than it needs to be.

Adam Marley

Dealing with money may be the most unexciting aspect of tracking your project in a studio, but budgeting for your recording session can go a long way to achieving success.

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